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SmartSheets (part number NAS50390) cling to most any hard, flat surface without the use of damaging tacks, tape, staples or glue!

SmartSheets® (NAS50390) are a dynamic alternative to conventional writing and display-sheets

  • They’re your whiteboard, communication, brainstorming, artwork, doodlepad and advertising vehicle all rolled up in one!
  • They’re light-weight, portable sheets that turn most any flat surface into an instant writing or display area.
  • They’re environmentally friendly

Stay Organized – Tear-away sheets in a handy storage dispenser!

Using SmartSheets® (NAS50390) is as simple as pull – tear – place – smooth – write. The sheets detach as easily as they apply, and can be repositioned over and over again.

Each roll of SmartSheets® comes packaged in its own dispenser and is perforated to create up to 40 individual 60cm x 80cm (23.5” x 31.5”) sheets of writing surface. The dispenser keeps the sheets clean and stores easily either sitting on a shelf, desk or window ledge or hanging from a wall mount.

The SmartSheets® dispenser is slim and lightweight for easy transport and has been crafted to work either independently or in conjunction with most easels, visual boards and wall mounts.

Completely portable and easy to use, SmartSheets® is a versatile presentation and recording tool for the business professional and individual alike.

Universal Appeal

SmartSheets® Presentation Sheets (item number NAS50390) work with dry erase and permanent markers. The choice of marker determines whether your notes are temporary and changeable or long-lasting and permanent.

For notes that can be wiped off and corrected, use dry erase markers. For long lasting notes that won’t rub off, use permanent markers.

After use, SmartSheets® can be rolled and saved for future reference or left clinging to a clean, dry surface – for months!

Smart for the Environment!

When it is time to discard your SmartSheets®, do so in good conscience knowing that the sheet, the roll and the dispenser are all recyclable!

SmartSheets NAS50390
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SmartSheet Dispenser

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40 sheets per roll. 23.5″x31.25″ [Item # NAS50390] Please Note: We can only ship products to addresses within the USA FREE FREIGHT FOR 3 OR MORE ROLLS (Special product not in our catalog) Please Note: A shipping charge of $7.95 is added to the price when ordering 1 or 2 rolls.